Products - Drinks and Liqueurs


Soft coffee-flavoured drink.

Fanta Orange

Worldwide known orange soft drink.

San Pellegrino Orange

Yoga Fruit Juice


Soft aperitif drink, produced bu campari group since 1964 in Crodo (VB).

Campari Soda

Alcoholic drink (10% vol.), enjoyable as an aperitif, derived from Campari Bitter with added Seltz.


Liqueur distilled from Artichoke and other 12 different herbs and plants. Dark amber colour and a bitter-sweet taste. Alcohol 16,5% Vol.

Amaro Lucano

Bitter-sweet liqueur made with different medical herbs. Mainly consumed as a digestive, by itself or on the rocks. Alcohol 30% Vol.

Vecchio Amaro del Capo

Calabrian liqueur made of more than 20 natural ingredients, all coming from Calabria, like mandarin, anise, orange, licorice, mint. Dark colour and sweet aromatic taste. Better if served very cold with iced glasses. Alcohol 35% Vol.

Vecchia Romagna

Unique brandy made with high quality grapes and a long seasoning, partly in barrique. Dry and aromatic flavour and intense colour.


Limoncello or Limoncino is a sweet liqueur made with the best lemon peel mixed with water, sugar and alcohol. After one month it's ready to be bottled and becomes the classical yellow liqueur enjoyable both as an aperitif and as a digestive.